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Ludger’s Catering & Events is fully licensed and insured for your event.  We also carry a $1,000,000 Liquor Liability Insurance Policy on your event if we are providing the bar service for you. 

Do you have a license and Insurance?

We are happy to provide you with references from any of our past clients.  We also have many online reviews and references that we encourage you to research.

Can you provide references?

We offer a variety of food styles.  Our culinary trained chefs come from many different backgrounds and can please any palate.  The items that we have on our menus are all items that have been tried and true. However, we are happy to discuss custom menus as well. 

For your guests with allergies, we will accommodate those without you having to plan your entire menu around a handful of guests.

Do you specialize in any type of food?  Can you accommodate any food allergies?

The service provided is based on the menu and our clients needs and budgets.  We will discuss this with you to see what your vision is for your event.  We can accommodate Hand-Passed Items, Buffet, Stations and/or Plated or Family Style Meals.  Although we can certainly “drop-off” catering items, we highly recommend for larger events you allow us to quote service staff for you.  With our staff, we include all of our nice equipment to set-up and serve at no additional cost.

What type of service do you offer?

We do limit the number of events that we will book on a single day.  The number of the events that we will allow depends on how involved, how many guests and type of service that we are providing.  Once we book up what we know we can execute well, we will close down our calendar and not book anything else.  We do this to  ensure the best quality of food and service for our clients.

How many events will you book on my event day?

Cost can vary widely from event to event, depending on your needs. For food and staff, you are looking at having a starting point of about $15.00 per person (less, if you’re doing “light” hors d’oeuvres).  Additional services that we offer are rental coordination (tables, chairs, linens, china, etc.) bar and/or bartenders, centerpieces/décor, floorplan design and just about anything else that you many need.

What’s the average price for a catered event?

You do not have to finalize anything with us until 10 days prior to your event.  We schedule a final appointment about 10—14 days before the event and we will lock in all of your choices and take care of the remaining balance at this time.

When do you need our choices finalized?

We are happy to schedule a private tasting! Our only requirement for scheduling a tasting is that we have started an estimate for your event. We typically do tastings Tuesdays-Fridays between 1pm-4pm, but can sometimes accommodate other days/times depending on events we have booked already. We charge $18 per person (up to 6 people) and you can pick up to 6 menu items to try.

Will you provide us with a food tasting?

Depending on the type of meal service you are getting, the number of servers and bartenders will vary. These quantities may be adjusted depending on your specific needs, but as a guideline, we recommend: 1 server per 15 guests for a plated or family-style meal; 1 server per 30 guests for a buffet meal with real china; 1 server per 40 guests for a buffet meal with plasticware; 1 bartender per 70 guests for a full bar; 1 bartender per 100 guests for beer/wine only bar. We are also happy to provide service and/or bartending staff for your event if we’re not providing catering. 

How many servers and bartenders will you provide for my event?


Ludger's Catering & Events and Ludger's Bavarian Cakery are owned and operated separately. We love their cakes, but we are happy to cut and serve cake from wherever you decide to purchase it from

Do you provide wedding or decorated cakes as well?

We can provide a nice disposable ware for a flat rate of between $1.50 - $2.50 per person, depending on the style, or we can rent in real dinnerware, glassware or flatware for your event. We can coordinate a rental order for you with a local rental company (Party Pro Rentals or ABCO Rents). You get to pick from their entire selection and you just pay their price plus our 15% set-up and coordination fee.

Do you provide dinnerware, glassware & flatware for our event?

We are licensed to handle your bar needs in several different ways. We can provide the bartenders and you can purchase your own alcohol. We can provide you with an open bar for a set price per person and provide everything for you, or we can set up a cash bar. We can also do a combination of these, if needed. 

Do you provide a bar and/or bar service?

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